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How to Monitor Cryptocurrency Performance

How to Monitor Cryptocurrency Performance
It’s easy to monitor cryptocurrency performance in the market. You just need to keep an eye out for some factors.
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Like any other currency, cryptocurrency is subjected to external events that influence supply and demand. The more problematic external events, the more troublesome investing and profiting from the currency will become. It's exactly like how cash-based currency works. Its performance fluctuates based on the selling and trading in currency markets.

It's the same with cryptocurrencies. Government-led crackdowns, restrictions on mining, and an increase and decrease in shareholders can impact the worth of cryptocurrency in the market.

How a currency performs in the market depends on its market worth, capitalization, and coin circulation. The interest large-scale companies and investors show in cryptocurrency is also instrumental in evaluating its performance in the market. Business interests in currencies demonstrated by renowned figures can fluctuate how cryptocurrencies perform.

The crypto market at this point is volatile. Many new investors are eyeing powerful cryptocurrencies for investment.

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Here's how you can monitor cryptocurrency performance.

Check for Market Capitalization

Market capitalization is the total worth of a currency in the cryptocurrency market. It's the best way to estimate if a cryptocurrency is losing or gaining points in the crypto stock exchange. A currency that ends daily on a positive note is bound to attract many investors.

For instance, a currency with ten shares, each worth $100, will have a total market value of $1000. Today, Bitcoin and Ethereum are some of the leading cryptocurrencies with the highest market cap. The market cap of Bitcoin in January 2022 was around $816.2 billion.

Market Listing

At this point, cryptocurrencies are mushrooming in the cryptocurrency market. Each passing day introduces a new crypto player to the industry. To evaluate worth and performance, you can check their market listing or check cryptocurrency details on currency aggregators.

The leading cryptocurrency aggregator is Coin Market Cap. This is a reliable site to view coin stability and ranking in the crypto market. You can also see if top crypto exchanges have the currency registered to gauge if a currency has performed well in the years.  

Pricing History

Based on their worth, cryptocurrency can be differently priced in the market. Since crypto is not a completely reliable option yet, cryptocurrencies' prices fluctuate with each passing day. The pricing history of a cryptocurrency over a month can give you a sound idea about its performance in the market.

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