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Crypto.com vs. Coinbase

Crypto.com vs. Coinbase
Are you confused between Coinbase and Crypto.com? Read on to learn how the two cryptocurrency exchanges are different from each other. 
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 The two most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase and Crypto.com are highly trusted and widely used because they offer seamless buying, selling, and trading options to the users. They offer highly advanced security features, in addition to providing their users with a digital wallet! 

Crypto.com features a Crypto.com coin aka CRO and the benefits it offers to the users are directly proportional to how many coins they stake. 

Coinbase, on the other hand, provides Coinbase’s USD coin, aka USDC, which is basically a U.S. dollar-stable coin, i.e. 1 USDC is equal to $1. 

As compared to Coinbase, Crypto.com is cheaper as it’s based on a maker-taker pricing structure and rewards the users with considerably higher trading volumes ad compared to Coinbase and other exchanges. Coinbase’s prices are slightly greater but what gives Coinbase an upper hand is its user-friendly nature and other educational opportunities it offers the users for earning crypto. 

I recently am using Crypto.com more to buy bitcoin than coinbase.

Pros of Crypto.com 

  • Crypto.com is highly cost-effective. It offers lower fees as compared to other famous cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • It offers several additional benefits for users staking CRO. 
  • It offers several different opportunities to earn crypto. There are several different crypto-earning methods available for users. Different users have different interests and skill sets and they can choose the right earning method according to their interests. 
  • Crypto.com’s Visa debit card offers upto 8% cashback on several purchases and a lot of other benefits like access to Airport Lounge and much more. 

Cons of Crypto.com

  • Although Crypto.com features a user-friendly interface, there’s always a chance for you to get stuck at some point where you may need professional help. This is especially true if you’re a beginner in the crypto world. But, if you’re planning to use Coinbase, then please remember that the customer service of Crypto.com isn’t as responsive.
  • Crypto.com doesn’t offer as many educational resources as you may find on some other cryptocurrency exchanges. 
  • Crypto.com offers a limited range of coins and several coins aren't available in the US. 
  • If you use Crypto.com’s visa card, don’t forget that it also charges a currency conversion fee from the users.

Security Feature of Crypto.com

Crypto.com features a two-step verification system, deploys a bug bounty platform for strong security, includes FDIC-insured USD balances less than or equal to $250,000, and offers platform insurance against theft.

The digital wallet offered by crypto.com also comes with a multi-factor authentication feature, private keys, and biometrics. 

Pros of Coinbase 

  • Coinbase allows the users to make transactions using PayPal. This feature of Coinbase is no less than a blessing for Paypal users!
  • Coinbase allows you to earn crypto as you learn about crypto and crypto trading! Isn’t it interesting?
  • Coinbase is extremely user-friendly. Even if you’re new to the platform, understanding the different features of the exchange won't be a big hassle if you know how to operate a smart device. 
  • Although it's an extremely rare case, if there’s a hack, Coinbase provides private insurance to the users so that their money will be safe even if there’s a hack. 

Cons of Coinbase

  • While the platform is extremely easy to use and highly convenient, what prevents most people from using the platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, is that Copinbase has some of the highest fees. Coinbase isn’t transparent about its trading fees and doesn’t publish the trading fee like other platforms.
  • In addition to a complex fee structure, Coinbase doesn’t offer live chat support to the users, which is certainly a major drawback. 
  • Coinbase offers fewer tradable altcoins to the users as compared to Crypto.com
  • Coinbase also gives considerably fewer discount opportunities as compared to other platforms. 

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Security Feature of Coinbase

Just like Crypto.com, Coinbase also features a two-step verification process, offers cold storage, deploys a bug bounty program, and includes FDIC-insured USD balances less than or equal to $250,000. However, the digital wallet offered by Coinbase comes with AES-256 encryption. 

Crypto.com Fees

Maker fees are around 0.04% to 0.4%;  taker fees range from 0.1% to 0.4%, while 2.99% for every purchase conducted from a credit card.

Coinbase Fees

About 0.50% spread per trade, approx 3.99% for credit card purchases, and nearly 1.49% for purchases made from Coinbase wallet or a bank account.

Currencies in Cryto.com


Currencies in Cryto.com


Transactions Supported in Crypto.com

Buy, send, sell, receive, exchange, and withdraw

Transactions Supported in Coinbase

Buy, send, sell, receive, exchange, and withdraw

Max. Monthly Trading Amount in Crypto.com

Not Listed

Max. Monthly Trading Amount in Coinbase

Limits depend upon the user’s region and payment method, in the U.S, the daily deposit limit in Coinbase is $25,000.

Comparing the Features of Crypro.com and Coinbase

Both the platforms offer a mobile app that’s accessible from Android and iOS devices along with a digital wallet. 

However, cryptocurrency exchanges offer different features. Coinbase primarily focuses on beginner education related to cryptocurrency.

Crypto.com, which was initiated as a crypto payment platform, provides different products, including but not limited to crypto pay at checkout, Visa cards, and several ways to earn crypto. 

Coinbase investors gain an extensive library of informative content on crypto trading. Users can attend a course or lesson on several altcoins, get a briefing about cryptocurrency, typically for three to 10 dollars. 

Coinbase also entails a waitlist for an impending Coinbase Visa debit card where users can get an opportunity to make about 4% in reward, every time they buy a certain thing. 

In addition to this, Coinbase has USD Coin (USDC), Consumers can save USDC to get a 0.15% annual percentage yield (APY).

Crypto.com, however, doesn’t offer a wide range of educational materials, it just includes basic information. It mainly focusses on products:

Visa card: A majority of card tiers offer about 8% CRO prizes on every purchase, based on how much CRO is staked by the user. 

Crypto Pay: Purchase gift cards with crypto or users can also choose to pay with crypto pay at checkout.

Crypto Earn: Crypto users can acquire about 12% profit on crypto deposits, but generally it's not advisable to store currency on such platforms. 

Crypto Credit: If you’re not based in the US, you can burrow about 50% of your crypto collateral by using the crypto loan. 

Crypto.com vs. Coinbase: Currencies

Both the cryptocurrency exchanges support widespread fiat currencies such as GBP, USD, EUR, and coin fractions. Cyrpto.com entails about 26 fiat-supported currencies whereas, Coinbase doesn’t share their comprehensive list any longer. 

What’s important to note here is that the New York users can’t purchase some currencies on the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. Similarly, Crypto.com users and investors, based in Connecticut aren’t allowed to purchase DAI and they and the Texas residents aren’t permitted to buy PAX Gold (PAXG). Both the exchanges support Dogecoin (DOGE), in addition to some other important altcoins. 

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About the Author

John is an experienced crypto trader and investor and helps people learn about crypto trading. He writes on different topics related to crypto, bitcoins, and crypto trading to educate people on how they can start making money online and earn cryptocurrency from the comfort of their homes. 

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