The mission

Read through our guides to learn more about how cryptocurrency works. Which wallets to use as a beginner, how, when, and why to upgrade, and many more details to place you on top of your trading game.

Our Story
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Urban Crypto is acrypto news website launched by a group of crypto enthusiasts who wanted tospread the word about cryptocurrencies. The site aims to educate new usersabout cryptocurrencies and help experienced users learn more about specificcoins they are interested in. The site covers all major cryptocurrencies, witha special emphasis on top gainers and losers.

Our Story

UrbanCrypto is a website created to provide users with a balanced, unbiased newsource of information on cryptocurrencies. The purpose is to create aneasy-to-read website that provides readers with the latest news, in-depth analysis,and hot topics in the cryptocurrency world.

โ€œBro, buy XRP and ETH, now.โ€

My friend was adamant, and quite specific with his request when he called me demanding my immediate action. At the time of his call, I was busy with 2 other blogs (one of which is highly recommended for dog enthusiasts โ€“ Scruffy The Dog), and I had recently moved to a new country following the August 4th Beirut Explosion. As a techie, I was very intrigued by his advice. And given the dynamic recent changes in my life, I thought โ€“ why not?

So here I am, educating myself and others, through this blog. I understand how overwhelming this whole process can be for anyone looking to understand the ins and outs of this digital shift. I, too, was one day digging through so much dispersed information and thousands of videos trying to make sense out of it all (an endless rabbithole). I completely relate, which is why I have taken the time to curate this informative platform that will help educate you about all things cryptocurrencies, blockchains, smart contracts, NFTs and much more! Maybe then, YOU can be that friend calling your buddies and telling them how they too need to stock up on the cryptos!

Hope you enjoy browsing and learning โ€“ and should you need anything I would be more than happy to help.

The Vision

1. Simplify Cryptocurrency

Breaking it down in terms that you understand and can relate to. A step-by-step guide that will explain the whole game, minimizing your losses.

2. Help You Make Passive Income

The goal is to catch you up on the game as fast as possible. It's not too late. We have only just begun.

3. Grow A Community

Information is key. Let's connect the right individuals together to keep our network strong and well informed.

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Uncle Scrooge

The OG of all things crypto. The mastermind. Always has the inside stuff, compromised of in-depth analysis and trend analysis.

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Screen lover. Always researching. Always a step ahead. Fond of sharing and developing those who are keen to learn!

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The Crypster

Main word and advice generator. Remains neutral. Unless itโ€™s about crypto - in that case heโ€™s a loyal advocate.

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Obsessed with all things digital; above and beyond helpful. Might blow a fuse when you tell him something canโ€™t be done!

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